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Inverted breast nipples are more than just an aesthetic issue. Plastic surgeons highlight that this common condition can cause various inconveniences for women, ranging from dissatisfaction with appearance to difficulties with breastfeeding, poor hygiene of the breast areola, and recurrent inflammations.

In such cases, inverted nipple correction surgery is a practical solution, addressing both functional concerns and enhancing aesthetic satisfaction.

What is an inverted nipple?

Inverted nipples are those that are pulled inward instead of pointing outward. This condition can be congenital or acquired and may affect one or both nipples. The inversion is typically due to too-short milk ducts.

Is it normal to have inverted nipples?

Up to 10% of women experience some degree of nipple inversion. Often, the causes are congenital, with the condition becoming apparent during puberty. In other cases, it can result from injuries, breastfeeding, infections, or even oncological diseases.

Inverted nipple after breastfeeding

Inverted nipples after breastfeeding are prevalent, often due to changes in the breast tissue and milk ducts caused by nursing. This condition, while not uncommon, can lead to discomfort, self-consciousness, and difficulty with breastfeeding in future pregnancies.

Inverted nipple correction surgery offers a solution to restore nipple projection and alleviate associated concerns, improving both appearance and function.

Inverted nipple correction Surgery

Plastic surgeons correct inverted nipples using a combination of conservative and minimally invasive surgical methods. The procedure involves 1–2 mm micro incisions and can be performed under local or, if preferred by the patient, general anaesthesia.

Inverted nipple correction essentials – what do I need to know?

Results: Are visible immediately after surgery, although final results will be more apparent once the swelling subsides within a few weeks.  

Surgery scars: Typically minimal, as the incisions are small and placed discreetly at the base of the nipple.  

Anaesthesia: Usually performed under local anaesthesia, though general anaesthesia can be used.

How long does it last? The procedure itself usually lasts about 30 – 60 minutes, and the results are permanent.  

Changes to results: Results are usually stable, but significant weight changes, pregnancy, or trauma can affect the appearance of the nipples over time.  

The right timing: If you plan to become pregnant or are currently breastfeeding, discuss this with your surgeon, as the procedure may affect breastfeeding and pregnancy may alter results.

The right candidate: Be in good overall health, free from medical conditions that could impair healing or increase surgical risks, and should not be currently pregnant or breastfeeding.

Nipple correction surgery cost

Inverted nipple surgery cost starts from 850 eur (£720) with one of the best clinics for plastic surgery in Lithuania – Clinicus. In the UK, Ireland, other Western & Northern EU countries or the USA, the price is double or triple for the same quality.

For an accurate price quote, you should consult a qualified surgeon, such as Rokas Bagdonas, Dainius Daunoravicius or Tomas Budrius by submitting the contact form.

By doing this, you receive a detailed breakdown of inverted nipple surgery cost and can make an informed decision.

Nipple correction surgery cost in Lithuania vs other countries

You might be surprised that nipple correction surgery cost in Lithuania is 30-50% lower than in the UK or other Western European countries. It is primarily due to the lower cost of living. Thus, your savings may account for 1000 to 2000 or more euros (or pounds) based on the scale of desired procedures.

Despite the lower prices, all certified surgeons and clinics in Europe maintain the same high standards and adhere to the same EU regulations, including Clinicus.

So many people from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and other countries make use of this insight and travel to Lithuania for a better value-to-price ratio.

If you wish to know more about what it is like travelling to another country for plastic surgery, read the article “Plastic Surgery in Lithuania – You Will Be Surprised!

Inverted nipple correction in Lithuania procedure

  1. Consultation: Contact a plastic surgeon online to discuss your goals, medical history, and the details of the inverted nipple correction surgery.
  2. Health Check: Provide health information via email, finalise operation details, and follow pre-surgery preparation instructions.
  3. Travel to Lithuania: Take a flight and settle into your chosen accommodation.
  4. Meeting at the Clinic: Meet your surgeon, settle the payment and documents, and finalise the details of the surgery.
  5. Anaesthesia: Administration of local anaesthesia, or general anaesthesia if preferred by the patient.
  6. Procedure: The surgeon makes 1-2 mm micro incisions to release the fibrous bands causing the inversion and correct the nipple position.
  7. Incision Closure: Close the incisions with sutures. A protective dressing may be applied to support healing.
  8. Recovery: 1 night in the clinic if under general anaesthesia, while you’re free to go home if under local anaesthesia. You will be provided with specific post-surgery care instructions to follow.
  9. Stay: Plan to stay an additional 5-7 days in Lithuania before returning home to ensure proper follow-up and initial recovery.

Inverted nipple correction risks

Although the surgery is typically considered safe, akin to any surgical intervention, it does entail certain risks, including infection, scarring, changes in nipple sensitivity, and asymmetry. Such complications are rare.

These potential hazards can be mitigated by selecting a reliable surgeon, such as Dr Rokas, Bagdonas, Dr Dainius Daunoravicius, or Tomas Budrius and adhering meticulously to all pre and post-operative directives.

Popular inverted nipple surgery combinations

Combining surgeries offers the advantage of reducing travel expenses, minimising risks associated with anaesthesia, and shortening overall recovery time, resulting in a financially and emotionally smarter decision. Here are common surgery combinations:

Inverted nipple breast augmentation

Combining inverted nipple correction with breast augmentation enhances both nipple function and breast volume. This dual procedure can involve inserting implants or using fat transfer to increase breast size, achieving a balanced, aesthetically pleasing breast profile.

Inverted nipple breast reduction

This procedure corrects nipple inversion while removing excess breast tissue to achieve a smaller, more proportionate breast size. 

Men inverted nipple surgery

Men’s inverted nipple surgery corrects inwardly pulled nipples, typically caused by short milk ducts or fibrous tissue. This procedure is suitable for both men and women, although for men, it only focuses on aesthetic improvement. 

It is a relatively straightforward procedure with minimal risks, often resulting in subtle and nearly invisible scarring.

In addition to correcting inverted nipples, men may opt to combine the surgery with gynecomastia treatment for a comprehensive chest enhancement.

Choose the best surgeon for your inverted nipple surgery

Before undergoing inverted nipple surgery, it is essential to consult with a qualified plastic surgeon to discuss your goals, expectations, and medical history.  

We highly suggest you check out some of the best surgeons for inverted nipple surgery in Lithuania:

  1. Dr Rokas Bagdonas
  2. Dr Dainius Daunoravicius
  3. Dr Tomas Budrius

Trust your gut feeling when selecting a specialist for inverted nipple surgery.

Choose the best clinic for your inverted nipple surgery

We invite you to check reviews and testimonials from other Clinicus patients – they’ll give you the real lowdown on what to expect. Find the reviews of “Clinicus” branches on Google (Clinicus Klaipeda, Clinicus Vilnius), Trustpilot (Klaipeda), or Realself (Vilnius).

Inverted nipple surgery in Lithuania – is it worth it?

It is a financially smart decision.

Known for its reputable clinics and highly skilled surgeons, Lithuania has become a favourable choice for individuals seeking affordable inverted nipple surgery costs. 

Reliable services

With its modern facilities and adherence to strict EU standards, you can feel confident in the quality of care you receive. 

Get to travel!

Lithuania’s rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant cities provide the perfect backdrop for post-surgery relaxation and recovery. From the historic streets of Vilnius to the stunning coastline of Klaipeda, you can enjoy a memorable experience while undergoing your cosmetic transformation in Lithuania.

What’s next?

If you wish to continue your research, jump to an article about the surgery, flights, accommodation and the process of having inverted nipple correction surgery in Lithuania: “Breast Augmentation and Reduction Surgery in Lithuania “. 

If you have already decided regarding the inverted nipple surgery, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]. with any questions or stating your interest. Alternatively, book a remote consultation with one of the reliable surgeons today.

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