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Acne treatment using the “MeDioStar NeXT Pro” laser targets and eradicates the causative agents of acne, namely the “Propionibacterium Acne” bacteria. Additionally, it effectively addresses acne scars, tightens pores, and reduces excess sebum production.

The course of procedures for deep acne treatment is individually tailored. Typically, 3-4 sessions are required for the treatment of inflammatory forms, whereas 1-2 sessions are sufficient for mild to moderate acne treatment.

The lasers utilized by the German company “Asclepion Laser Technologies” incorporate advanced “Carl Zeiss” micro-lens optics, which automatically selects the appropriate wavelength based on the patient’s skin type and the chosen procedure. This innovative laser system, thus, customizes its approach to address each individual’s specific concerns, ensuring the most effective acne elimination.

The waves emitted by the “MeDioStar NeXT Pro” laser penetrate deeply into the skin, effectively reaching and treating the sebaceous glands and hair follicles.

Laser treatment for acne leads to swift elimination of pimples while also preventing the formation of new pustules. Moreover, post-acne scar treatment provides the skin with enhanced beauty and smoothness.

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