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The application of facelift sutures is one of the most advanced and safe treatments to improve the facial skin condition without scarring.

The plastic surgeons at Clinicus, Rokas Bagdonas (in Klaipėda) and Dainius Daunoravičius (in Vilnius), carry out facelift procedures with APTOS, Promo Italia Happy Lift ™ or Silhouette Soft® (USA) suspension threads. Following the insertion of the threads, the face looks noticeably (5–10 years) younger and the firmness of the skin is restored.

Facelift using thread insertion helps remove the wrinkles present around the nose, chin, and jawbone, lift the eyebrows and the skin of the neck, correct the chin and face contour, and highlight cheekbones.

During the procedure, the plastic surgeon uses a long spinal needle to insert the facelift threads. The needle insertion holes disappear within a few days, leaving no permanent skin marks.

The effect is visible immediately and the firmness of the skin increases gradually, when the skin structure is restored. It is possible to adjust the result in the course of a week by inserting additional threads or adjusting the tension of the inserted threads.

The results of facelift using thread insertion last 3 to 4 years. The inserted threads gradually dissolve and are removed from the body after 1 to 2 years. Depending on the individual genetic characteristics, age and lifestyle of the client, the effect may be prolonged by several more years due to fibrosis forming around the threads and collagen concentration.

The prices of thread facelift treatment start at € 800. A plastic surgeon will estimate the exact price following an individual consultation to assess the complexity of the problematic facial areas to be corrected.

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