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Breast surgeries

Women come to see plastic surgeons for a consultation concerning breast surgery for a variety of reasons. Some wish to have bigger and sexier breasts. Others are looking for an opportunity to reduce the size of their breasts, or adjust the cleavage.

It often happens that women experience psychological discomfort when, after giving birth, losing weight or over the years, the shape of their beautiful breasts changes.

Some women apply for a breast asymmetry correction, as well as the correction of inverted or oversized breast nipples.

Modern plastic surgery offers a variety of breast correction options and combined solutions. For example, in case of a breast augmentation or implant-based breast lift the shape of the breasts may be additionally enhanced using fat to achieve the best possible result. This way, the breasts look naturally beautiful and proportionate, while the removal of the fat from other areas of the body ensures a more shapely body contour as well.

When having a consultation concerning breast plastic surgery, the usual issues to be discussed are the expected size, shape, and proportions of the breasts. The most important thing in plastic surgery is contour and form, so it is particularly important to have a reliable technique of adding volume to the tissues. The cost of a breast plastic surgery depends on a desired result.

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