Clinicus Klaipėda


Service namePrice EUR
Breast augmentation with round implantsfrom 2800
Breast augmentation with anatomical implantsfrom 3100
Breast enhancement with ergonomic implantsfrom 3100
Breast augmentation with polyurethane round implantsfrom 3300
Breast augmentation with polyurethane anatomical implantsfrom 3800
Breast augmentation with “B-lite” implantsfrom 3200
Removal of implants1200 – 1400
Breast lift2500 – 2800
Breast augmentation with implants and lift3500 – 4500
Breast reduction2800 – 3500
Breast augmentation with own fat2200 – 2800
Surgical treatment of gynecomastia (for men)1400 – 1800
Inverted breast nipple correction600 – 800
Nipple reduction700 – 900
Service namePrice EUR
Service namePrice EUR
Upper eyelid correction800-900
Lower eyelid correction1000 – 1200
Upper eyelid correction with eyebrow lift900-1000
Upper and lower eyelid correction1700 – 1900
Classical facelift of the middle and lower parts of the face3500 – 4500
Chin augmentation with implant1500 – 1800
Lips correction with fat600 – 750
Lip Lift850 – 1100
Facial uplift with fat injections1000 – 1400
Neck correction1400 – 1800
Neck liposuction700 – 900
Prominent ears correction900 – 1100
One ear correction600
Torn earlobe correction350 – 500
Cheek (Bichat) fat removal900 – 1000
Thread stretching of the face800 – 1700
Service namePrice EUR
Service namePrice EUR
Full nose correction2700-3000
Nose tip correction2000-2200
Service namePrice EUR
Belly + waist + thighs + knees2000 – 2800
Belly + waist + thighs1800 – 2600
Belly + waist + thighs + knees + back2600 – 3400
Thighs + knees1400 – 2000
Belly + waist1600 – 2200
Belly + waist + back2200 – 2600
*BMI must be less than 30
Abdominoplasty correction (abdominoplasty)*
without liposuction2600 – 3000
with liposuction3000 – 3800
Mini Abdominal Wall Correction (Miniabdominoplasty)2000 – 2200
*BMI must be less than 30
Buttocks enhancement with fat injection
with 4-6 zone liposuction2200 – 2600
with 8-10 zone liposuction2800 – 3400
Buttock augmentation with implants (price with implants)3000 – 3800
Mommy Makeoverfrom 5800
Shins correction with implants2400 – 2650
Shins correction with fat1800 – 2400
Thigh lift2200 – 2600
Upper arm plastic surgery1900 – 2400
Labiaplasty800 – 1400
Service namePrice EUR
Service namePrice EUR
Laser face lift100
Laser facial redness treatment80 – 150
Laser pigmented spot removal50 – 100
Laser removal of vascular lesions30 – 50
Laser hemangioma removal30

Laser facial hair removal for women (MeDioStar NeXT)

Service namePrice EUR
Between eyebrows30
Cheek area60
Upper lip area40
Chin area50

Laser Body Hair Removal for Women (MeDioStar NeXT)

Service namePrice EUR
Armpit area60 – 90
Chest area85
Abdominal area85
Bikini line (hygienic / brazilian)100/130
Thigh area140
Calf area140
Forearm area100
Upper arm area100
Upper surface of both hands60
Back area100
Buttocks area100
Service namePrice EUR

Laser Facial Hair Removal For Men (MeDioStar NeXT)

Service namePrice EUR
Between eyebrows30
Cheek area60
Upper lip area40
Beard area60
Beard and neck area120

Laser Body Hair Removal For Men (MeDioStar NeXT)

Service namePrice EUR
Shoulder area120
Chest area120
Abdominal area100
Neck area80
Back area120
Armpit area100

Botulinum toxin injections

Service namePrice EUR
Forehead lines70 – 100
Nose bridge70 – 100
Eye area (“crow’s feet”)70 – 120
Lips corners lift (“smile lift”)40
Botox treatment of hyperhidrosis (sweat reduction)from 350

Hyaluronic Acid Injection (JUVEDERM)

Service namePrice EUR
ULTRA 2160
ULTRA 3230
ULTRA 4240

Hyaluronic Acid Injection (TEOSYAL)

Service namePrice EUR
RHA 1230
RHA 2230
RHA 3240
RHA 4260

Cosmetic procedures with Biologique Recherche cosmetics:

Service namePrice EUR
Soin Restructurant et Lissant Soothing Facial Skin95
Facial Lifting Lift C.V.S.95
Facial cleansing, wrinkle-smoothing procedure MC11095
PIGM pigmented skin120
Unique BR product for facial skin SECONDE PEAU: second skin210
Firming Body LIFT CORPS110
Skin Instant Lab (“Biologique Recherche”)
Facial skin analysis25*
*Free if Biologique Recherche products were purchased in the amount of at least 100 €
Remodeling Face (“Biologique Recherche”)
Cleansing and moisturizing facial skin115
An alternative procedure for mechanical facial cleansing70
“Mentonier” with “Remodeling Face” +45
Luxurious double lifting procedure135
Lifting procedure105
Cleansing and moisturizing treatment for men90
Service namePrice EUR

Chemical pouring with organic acids

Service namePrice EUR
Face area60
Eye, Lip Zone50
Hand skin70


Service namePrice EUR
Eye area40
Cellulite, stretch marks60 – 80
Abdominal, chest postoperative scar treatment40 – 50

NITHYA collagen injections

Service namePrice EUR
For face and neck200

PRP Plasma Lifting

Service namePrice EUR
Face, neck, decollete300
Hair Loss Treatments300
PRP with Hyaluronic Acid350


Service namePrice EUR
Face, neck or decollete60

Other injections with hialuronic acyd

Service namePrice EUR
Revofil Aquashine200
Service namePrice EUR
Removal of pulp or benign tumor (by radiosurgery)30 – 80
Removal of tracheal or benign tumor (surgery)300 – 400
Cysts, liposuction removal250 – 400
Increased nail resection50 – 70
Healing pedicure30
Service namePrice EUR
Service namePrice EUR
Doctors of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery dr. Rokas Bagdonas, Tomas Budrius, dr. Jonas Drąsutis30 – 50
Doctor dermatovenerologist Agnė Bagdonė30 – 40
Otorhinolaryngologist (LOR) Ingrida Anužytė45
Beauty Therapist Reda Montvilienė10
Medical Pediatrician Aldona Danylienė10

The otorhinolaryngologist is advising and treating children and adults with ear, nose, pharyngeal and throat diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea disorder.

Service namePrice EUR
Doctor otorhinolaryngologist consultation30
Recurrent otorhinolaryngologist consultation for the same disease20
Endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract with a soft endoscope35
Pruritus biopsy from LOR organs using local anesthetics40
Microbiological crop25
Pancreatic duct puncture30
Removal of foreign body from LOR organs30
Prevention of nasal haemorrhage with the front swab40
Nasal hemorrhage at the back tamponada75
Bleeding from LOR organs45
The opening of the parathornal abscess50
Excessive nasal discharge, pharynx50
Initial contraction of LOI organs wounds60
Initial treatment and stitching of LOI organs100
Service namePrice EUR
Service namePrice EUR
1 procedure (during the procedure the doctor’s consultation is free)95