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Every woman has a different body and a different aesthetic taste, and therefore the plastic and reconstructive surgeons of Clinicus offer a wide range of surgical breast implants, enlargement options and combinations.

Breast augmentation is performed using silicone implants. To achieve the best result, breast augmentation with implants surgery can be combined with a breast lift and/or fat transfer from other parts of the body.

Innovative breast implants that meet individual expectations

Taking into consideration the different anatomy and individual expectations of women, Clinicus surgeons offer a variety of implants for breast augmentation.

Plastic surgeons at Clinicus, Dr Rokas Bagdonas, Dr Dainius Daunoravicius and Tomas Budrius, perform breast augmentation surgeries using products from verified and certified manufacturers only, such as Motiva, Polytech, Mentor, B-Lite and Euromi.

Patients are offered a selection of shapes (round or anatomical), and sizes ranging from low- and moderate- to high- and extra high-profile implants (125 to 1000 ml).

Are breast implants safe?

Since 1961, when the first silicone implant was invented, scientific advances and technologies have reached significant heights.

Consequently, modern breast augmentation with implants is a safe surgery that ensures a lasting effect and provides women with an opportunity to select not only the most popular, round or teardrop-shaped (anatomical) breast implants but also innovative implant models, such as ultra-light B-Lite implants.

Is breast augmentation with implants the right decision for me?


If you wish to have bigger breasts and increase breast volume, improve the proportions of your figure or perfect your looks and boost your self-confidence.


Breast enhancement is recommended when your breasts are fully developed and you feel discomfort because of the breast size or your breasts have lost their shape, fullness and volume, or they are asymmetrical, one or both breasts are not fully developed naturally or they are long in shape.

YES – but in combination with a breast lift

Unfortunately, breast augmentation does not help lift severely sagging breasts. If the sagging effect is extremely pronounced, we recommend combining breast implants with breast lift.


Breast enhancement surgery is not recommended for girls under the age of 18 (unless it is an exceptional case, granted parental consent).

Breast implants cost

Breast implants cost starts from 3450 euros (3000 pounds) with one of the best clinics for plastic surgery in Lithuania – Clinicus. While in the UK, Ireland, other Western & Northern EU countries or the USA, the price is double or triple for the same quality.

Truth is, the individual price of breast augmentation surgery with implants is determined by a variety of factors: the selected augmentation technique, the size and the manufacturer of the implants, and each individual situation and expectations.

For an accurate price quote tailored to your specific needs and circumstances, you should consult a qualified surgeon, such as Rokas Bagdonas, Dainius Daunoravicius or Tomas Budrius by submitting the contact form.

By doing this, you receive a detailed breakdown of breast implants cost and can make an informed decision regarding your breast augmentation with implants.


Breast implants cost in Lithuania vs other countries

You might be surprised that breast augmentation with implants surgery cost in Lithuania is 30-50% lower than in the UK or other Western European countries. This is primarily due to the lower cost of living. Thus, your savings may account for 1000 to 5000 or more euros (or pounds) based on the scale of desired procedures.

Despite the lower prices, all certified surgeons and clinics in Europe maintain the same high standards and adhere to the same EU regulations.

So many people from the UK, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, USA, Italy and other countries make use of this insight and travel to Lithuania for a better value-to-price ratio. This movement is called “medical tourism”.

If you wish to know more about what it is like travelling to another country for plastic surgery, read the article “Plastic Surgery in Lithuania – You Will Be Surprised!

Breast implants types: what do I need to know?

Round-shaped breast implants

Delicate women may fear that breast enlargement using these implants will result in unnaturally-looking breasts. However, with proper selection of the implant profile (protrusion) and size ratio, the enhanced breasts look nice. This breast implants type is particularly suitable when the upper pole of the breast has lost its volume.

Anatomically-shaped breast implants

These teardrop-shaped implants are particularly suitable when there is a lack of fullness in the lower breast pole. It provides an incredibly beautiful shape and the right volume when the natural breast volume is small and there is little glandular tissue.

Ergonomic-profile breast implants

The filler of these implants flexibly adapts to the body position and, therefore, perfectly reproduces the natural characteristics of the breast. Based on plastic surgeon and patient feedback on breast augmentation results, these implants are the ‘golden middle.’

Round- or anatomically-shaped breast implants with a polyurethane coating

They do not differ in shape from implants with conventional coating. The unique feature is that they are not noticeable after the breast augmentation surgery and the special coating reduces the risk of possible complications. Therefore, these implants are recommended for patients who have experienced postoperative complications or want faster implant ‘consolidation’ with body tissues.

B-Lite Breast Implants

Unlike traditional implants, B-Lite implants are made with a unique lightweight material. The lightweight nature of B-Lite implants can reduce the strain on surrounding tissue and potentially alleviate discomfort or sagging over time. Another key advantage of B-Lite implants is their durability and resistance to rupture or leakage.

What kind of breast implant should I choose?

You shouldn’t worry about making decisions regarding implants at this moment. Taking into consideration your expected result, the plastic surgeon will recommend the most suitable implants, surgical method, and the location of the incision site.

Well-known and trusted surgeons offer online consultations on breast enhancement matters for patients who live abroad – Dr Rokas Bagdonas (email: [email protected]), Dr Dainius Daunoravičius (email: [email protected]) and  Tomas Budrius ([email protected])

To be entirely secure about the selection of implants and other details, once you arrive at the clinic following the initial online communication, the plastic surgeon will make precise measurements. He will further discuss with you the details, evaluate the scope of the surgery, and suggest the right size of the implants or offer a complex solution.

Breast implants surgery procedure

Breast augmentation with implants involves surgically inserting implants to enhance breast size and shape below the mammary glands or in the nipple area.

Breast augmentation surgery, which may take between 1 – 3.5 hours, is performed under general anaesthesia.

Here is how breast implants surgery procedure is usually done:

  1. Anaesthesia Administration: The patient is administered general anaesthesia.
  2. Incision: The surgeon makes incisions in inconspicuous areas to minimise visible scarring.
  3. Implant Placement: The surgeon places the implants behind the breast tissue or beneath the chest muscle, depending on the desired outcome and anatomical considerations.
  4. Implant Insertion: The implants are carefully inserted into the predetermined location.
  5. Incision Closure: Once the implants are in place, the incisions are closed with sutures.
  6. Rest day in the clinic: The patient spends one day in the clinic. They’re provided with a compression bra to wear for a set time and meet with a surgeon again.

Breast augmentation with implants risks

Like any surgical procedure, breast augmentation with implants carries certain risks and considerations. However, with proper preoperative evaluation and post-operative care, breast augmentation with implants risks can be minimised.

  1. Infection Risk: There’s a chance of getting an infection after surgery, either around where they made the cuts or near the implants.
  2. Bleeding Worry: Sometimes, there might be too much bleeding or blood pooling during or after surgery, which needs to be sorted out quickly by the medical team.
  3. Nipple and Breast Sensitivity: Your nipples and breasts might feel different after surgery – they could be more sensitive or a bit numb, but this usually goes away with time.
  4. Implant Rupture: There’s a risk of the implants breaking, which might need another surgery to fix. Innovative implants do not usually leak into the body even in case of rupture.
  5. Tight Scar Tissue: Sometimes, the scar tissue around the implants can get too tight, making your breasts feel firmer than expected or look a bit different.
  6. Implant Moving: The implants might shift around a bit, which might mean you need another op to put them back where they should be.
  7. Scar Formation: Despite efforts to minimise scarring, surgical incisions will result in visible scars, the extent of which may vary depending on individual healing responses and surgical techniques.
  8. Allergic Reactions: Although infrequent, allergic reactions to anaesthesia, surgical materials, or implant constituents may occur, necessitating thorough pre-operative assessment and management of known allergies.
  9. Other: It’s rare, but sometimes breasts in the later post-operative period, the following may appear: interstitial effacement (symmastia), implant subsidence, implant inversion, soft tissue undulation over the implant (rippling), the formation of a double breast (“double bubble”), the development of a contracture capsule. Corrective operations are then required.

Before undergoing breast surgery, you will be acquainted with all potential breast augmentation with implants risks.

Choose the best surgeon for your breast implant surgery

When it comes to finding the best surgeon for your breast implant surgery, it’s all about doing your homework. Start by checking out the qualifications – you want a surgeon who’s got the right education, training, and certifications under their belt.

We highly suggest you check out some of the best surgeons for breast implants in Lithuania:

  1. Dr Rokas Bagdonas
  2. Dr Dainius Daunoravicius
  3. Dr Tomas Budrius

Trust your gut feeling when selecting a specialist in breast augmentation who has extensive experience in the field and knows their matters inside out.

Choose the best clinic for your breast surgery

We invite you to check reviews and testimonials from other Clinicus patients – they’ll give you the real lowdown on what to expect. Find the reviews of Clinicus branches on Google (Clinicus Klaipeda, Clinicus Vilnius), Trustpilot (Klaipeda), or Realself (Vilnius).

Breast augmentation with implants in Lithuania – Your Journey

Travelling to Lithuania for plastic surgery offers a unique opportunity to combine medical treatment with exploring a beautiful destination.

Known for its reputable clinics and highly skilled surgeons, Lithuania has become a favourable choice for individuals seeking affordable breast implants costs.

With its modern facilities and adherence to strict EU standards, you can feel confident in the quality of care you receive.

Additionally, Lithuania’s rich cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes, and vibrant cities provide the perfect backdrop for post-surgery relaxation and recovery. From the historic streets of Vilnius to the stunning coastline of Klaipeda, you can enjoy a memorable experience while undergoing your cosmetic transformation in Lithuania.

What to do next?

If you wish to continue your research, jump to an article about breast surgery, flights, accommodation, and the process of having breast surgery in Lithuania: “Breast Augmentation and Reduction Surgery in Lithuania “.

Alternatively, email us at [email protected] or [email protected]  with any questions or stating your interest in breast augmentation with implants surgery or book a remote consultation with one of the reliable surgeons now.

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