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Physical and psychological discomfort, discomfort when wearing clothes, and poor quality of sex are the main reasons why women seek help from plastic surgeons. Plastic surgery of the vaginal lips (labiaplasty) reduces the size, removes asymmetry, and corrects the shape of the labia.

Women may face the problems of this kind in various stages of their lives. Physiological changes in the labia may occur due to inherent properties, diseases, and manifestations of age. The most common cause is childbirth and injuries related to childbirth. Both young and older women, as well as those who have given birth and those who have not, may have the plastic surgery of the vaginal lips performed.

The correction of the vaginal lips helps eliminate excess skin of the lips, form smaller, aesthetically sized inner vaginal lips, and restore the edges of the vaginal lips where they healed up incorrectly following childbirth.

Labiaplasty is performed using dissolvable sutures, and the small knots remaining on the surface are removed after a few weeks. With the application of the latest in plastic surgery techniques, no visible or palpable scars remain following vaginal lips correction.

Labiaplasty is an uncomplicated plastic surgery procedure, therefore women regain their ability to work within a week. However, it is recommended to refrain from having sex for 3–6 weeks so that the correction of the labia performed during the surgery is finalised to achieve the desired result.

The plastic surgeon reduces the size of the inner and/or outer vaginal lips and the clitoris as necessary. Different methods can be used for the correction of the outer vaginal lips, such as fat removal and fat transplantation.

A frequently used practice is the all-inclusive correction of the vaginal lips, with correction of the outer vaginal lips, fat transplantation or vaginal plastic surgery performed in the process of the plastic surgery of the inner vaginal lips.

The prices of labiaplasty start at € 600. The plastic surgeon will determine the specific price after an individual consultation, when the origin of the problem, the current situation, and the desired result are clearly identified.

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