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Facial surgeries

Dr Rokas Bagdonas and Dr Dainius Daunoravičius, the specialists in aesthetic and reconstructive surgery at Clinicus, provide consultations and perform various types of facial surgery in Klaipėda and Vilnius.

Facial surgery helps solving a variety of problems occurring due to changes in facial features: tissues losing firmness, the subcutaneous fat tissue of a face diminishing, causing the presence of excess skin.

Facial plastic surgery provides an opportunity to restore the natural and aesthetically appealing look of your face. Our plastic surgeons will select the best solution, taking into consideration the nature of the issue that causes you discomfort.
We at Clinicus offer a wide range of facial surgery: upper and/or lower eyelid correction, removal of eyelid fat herniation, as well as endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift, which may be combined with upper eyelid plastic surgery.

Our plastic surgeons perform the classic stretching of the lower and middle part of a face, implant-based chin enhancement, fat- or implant-based lip corrections, facial rejuvenation with fat injections, as well as neck, prominent ear, and torn earlobe corrections, and the removal of cheek fat pad (Bichat).

With epidermis of just 0.04 mm, the skin of the eyelids is the thinnest, which makes it particularly sensitive to the effects of the environment and the balance of fluids in the body. It also reveals the effects of harmful habits very quickly. The first signs of ageing and excessive skin in the eyelid area start showing as early as at the age of thirty: the contour of the eyelid line becomes less smooth and lines start forming around the outer corners of the eyes and on the lower eyelids.

Over time, the tissue volume in the cheek, eyebrow, and temple areas decreases, and later the sagging of the skin becomes increasingly visible.

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