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Modern plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine offer a wide variety of options for smoothing out wrinkles, ranging from classic endoscopic plastic surgery and filler injections to beauty therapy treatments.

What type of anti-wrinkle treatment to choose? An experienced plastic surgeon and/or dermatologist can advise you on this matter the best, as there are critical factors such as the complexity of the problem, your age, genetic characteristics, and lifestyle to consider.

A long-lasting smoothing effect of facial wrinkles is achieved through plastic surgery. The problems with forehead wrinkles can be fixed through endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift. Wrinkles in the neck area disappear after fat removal surgery, while fat injections may be used to rejuvenate other areas of the face.

Lines that form in the middle and lower parts of the face may be removed via classic face skin tightening surgery.

Wrinkle-smoothing may also be carried out without any surgery and scarring. A prolonged effect that lasts 3 to 4 years is achieved by performing facial tightening with the use of surgical lifting sutures.

Wrinkles in the upper part of the face: the horizontal lines formed by the expressions of surprise and anger on the forehead and lines around the eyes (‘crow’s feet’) can be removed with botulinum toxin injections.

Wrinkles around the lips, also known as the ‘laugh lines’, that form in the lower part of the face, may be removed, and saggy cheek skin lifted using hyaluronic acid injections.

One of the most natural ways of smoothing wrinkles is PRP injections (plasmolifting) that prevent the aging of facial skin. The platelet-rich plasma is used not only for skin rejuvenation but also to treat hair loss. This type of natural treatment can also be applied when dealing with other skin problems and has a strong effect on tissue regeneration and healing.

The smoothing of wrinkles, especially those forming around the eyes, can also be done with laser. The Germany-made Asclepion MeDioStar NeXT diode laser is used for this purpose in Clinicus Klaipėda. This kind of procedure is especially effective when used for the smoothing of facial wrinkles and acne treatment.

The Biologique Recherche cosmetic products of a French manufacturer are among the best skin renewal products.

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