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Carboxytherapy for problematic skin. Smoothens scars and reduces stretch marks

Carboxytherapy is highly recommended for the treatment of problematic skin. It is a treatment based on carbon dioxide gas. The gas is injected into the skin. Carbon dioxide sufficiently activates the vital processes of the skin, the skin absorbs more oxygen, its renewal improves, promoting the production of collagen, which helps to maintain the elasticity of the skin.

‘Carboxytherapy greatly improves the condition of skin scars of various kind, softens them, makes the skin firmer, more elastic, and the unpleasant sensation of tension in the scar area disappears. This treatment is also perfect for the correction of stretch marks. Although cosmetic treatments cannot remove them completely, the skin in the striated area becomes firmer and looks much better,’ explains beauty therapist R. Montvilienė. According to the specialist, carboxytherapy is also a perfect treatment for the removal of dark circles under the eyes caused by tiredness, and the correction of acne scars. Following the treatments, the skin becomes much smoother.

In order to achieve noticeable results, 3–5 carboxotherapy treatments are required. When dealing with more complicated cases, a course of 10 treatments may be required. The treatments are repeated every 3 weeks.

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