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Plastic surgeon



MPL-21858/30829 (Doctor of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery).

„Clinicus Klaipėda“ gydytojas konsultuoja pacientus ir atlieka įvairias plastines operacijas.  Medikas vadina save universaliu chirurgu, nuolat domisi medicinos inovacijomis, taiko inovatyvius metodus ir individualias technikas.

“Beauty is much more than appearance, beauty is a combination of emotions.

Plastic surgeon Tomas Budrius

Among the surgeon’s exclusive surgeries are HD liposuction, composite breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and minimally invasive brow lift surgeries. The doctor uses a special technique to suture all incisions, which makes post-operative scars much less noticeable than usual.

HD liposuction or liposculpting differs from traditional liposuction in that the removal of fat is performed in a subtle way, following the anatomical lines of the muscles attached. This shapes or accentuates existing body lines. The procedure is intended for patients in good physical shape who wish to accentuate the muscular contour of the abdominal area or other areas of the body.

The new composite breast augmentation technique allows you to achieve the desired breast size and shape by combining small breast implants and fat grafts. This technique is also ideal for buttock augmentation.

A plastic surgeon who is very enthusiastic about abdominoplasty: “I have very good abdominal surgical skills, so I am able to solve a lot of problems deep in the abdomen”.

More than 10 years' experience.

  • Graduated from the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences in 2009;
  • 2010 Internship at Klaipėda Republican Hospital;
  • From 2010 to 2015, he worked at Kaunas Clinics of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences Hospital, Department of Surgery and obtained the qualification of a surgical specialist;
  • In 2015-2017 he worked at Vilnius University Hospital Santariškių Clinics, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Clinic and obtained the qualification of a specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery;
  • Since 2010 he has worked in three aesthetic surgery clinics in Lithuania, and in 2017-2018 – in the plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic Akademikliniken (Stockholm, Sweden).

Professional development

  • Regular participation in seminars and conferences in Lithuania and Europe;
  • 2016 Traineeship at Akademikliniken, a private plastic and aesthetic surgery clinic (Stockholm, Sweden);
  • 2014 Traineeship at Ostra Hospital (Gothenburg, Sweden).

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