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Women visit plastic surgeons for consultations regarding breast surgery, also known as breast enlargement, for various reasons. Some desire bigger and more attractive breasts, while others seek to reduce their breast size, adjust their cleavage or return to prenatal lines.

At Clinicus, our breast surgery procedures are customised to fulfil your unique desires, aiming to achieve the perfect balance and symmetry you’ve always dreamed of. With a focus on safety and satisfaction, our trusted surgeons ensure stunning, natural-looking results.

Is breast surgery right for you?

You might experience psychological discomfort after childbirth, weight loss, or due to changes in your breast shape over time.

Some women seek breast asymmetry correction or the correction of inverted or oversized nipples.

At Clinicus, we understand the importance of feeling comfortable in your own skin. If you’re considering breast surgery and feel no external pressure, and are in good physical health, breast augmentation or reduction surgery may be worth considering.

Breast surgery essentials

Surgery Length: 1-4 hours.

Recovery Time in Clinic: 1-2 days

Recovery Time: 1-6 weeks.

Scarring: Fades over 6-12 months.

No Shower: First 48-72 hours.

Pain management: medication, limited activities for 2-6 weeks

Follow-up: post-operative regime and medication to be taken at home

Breast Surgery Type: Explore Your Options

Considering breast enlargement but unsure of the available types? Clinicus offers a range of options to suit your needs and desires.

Breast Implants

Breast implants are a favourable option for enhancing your bust size and correcting any asymmetry to achieve a more balanced silhouette. Due to a long-lasting nature of implants, they endure for a decade or more with proper care. Multiple breast implants options enable a personalised approach to your desired outcome.

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Fat Transfer Breast Augmentation

Fat transfer breast augmentation utilises the body’s own fat cells that seamlessly integrates with your existing tissue. This particular breast enlargement procedure allows precise sculpting with reducing risks associated with implants. It’s minimally invasive, ensuring minimal scarring and offering a more personalised outcome.

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Breast lift

A breast lift, or mastopexy, becomes a desirable option when breasts sag due to factors like ageing, pregnancy, or weight loss. This surgery restores youthful contours, lifting and reshaping breasts for a firmer, more uplifted appearance, enhancing both physical and emotional well-being.

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Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery becomes a favourable choice when breasts cause physical discomfort, such as back or neck pain, or emotional distress due to their size. It helps you achieve a lighter, more proportionate bust, offers relief from these symptoms, improves posture, and enhances the overall quality of life.

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Nipple Correction

Nipple correction surgery becomes a viable choice when individuals experience dissatisfaction or discomfort due to inverted, enlarged, or asymmetrical nipples.

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Gynaecomastia (for men)

Gynaecomastia surgery offers a transformative solution beyond physical discomfort, alleviating emotional distress and social anxiety associated with enlarged breast tissue for men. By restoring a more masculine chest contour, this procedure enhances self-confidence, improves posture, and promotes a more active lifestyle.

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Breast enlargement surgery combinations

Modern plastic surgery offers a variety of breast correction options and combined solutions. For example, in the case of a breast augmentation or implant-based breast lift the shape of the breasts may be additionally enhanced using fat to achieve the best possible result.

This way, the breasts look naturally beautiful and proportionate, while the removal of the fat from other areas of the body ensures a more shapely body contour as well.

Breast surgery cost

Breast surgery costs vary based on the complexity of the procedure and individual cases. Breast augmentation typically falls between €3,000 and €5,500, while nipple correction surgery ranges from €1,000 to €2,500.

For breast reduction, prices range from €3,500 to €6,000, depending on the extent of tissue removal.

Gynaecomastia surgery for men is available from around €2,500 to €5,000. However, precise pricing is determined after consultation with an experienced surgeon.

To check prices click the “PRICELIST” tab in the menu and select the city between two clinic locations – capital Vilnius and beach town Klaipeda.

Alternatively, fill out the contact form and find out your true breast surgery cost.

Breast surgery: Before and after pictures

Access Clinicus’ before and after gallery of breast surgeries:

Breast Augmentation with Implants

Fat transfer breast augmentation

Breast lift

Breast reduction

Breast and abdominal plastic surgery

Gynaecomastia (for men)

Breast implant replacement

Breast surgery risks

Breast surgery, like any surgical procedure, carries inherent risks. These may include infection, bleeding, adverse reactions to anaesthesia, and scarring.

Additionally, rarely occurring risks associated with breast surgery include changes in nipple sensation, implant rupture, and capsular contracture.

Discussing these risks thoroughly with your surgeon before undergoing any procedure is crucial.

Breast surgery in Lithuania timeline

The process of having a breast surgery in Lithuania:

  1. Mentally Prepare: Confidence comes from a genuine desire for aesthetical improvement, not external pressure.
  2. Consultation: Contact a plastic surgeon online to discuss your goals, medical history, and operation details.
  3. Health Check: Provide health information via email and finalise operation details.
  4. Travel to Lithuania: take a flight and settle in your chosen accommodation.
  5. Breast surgery Day: Sign consent forms, settle payment, and discuss procedures with the surgeon.
  6. Recovery: Stay 1-2 days at the clinic, receive 24/7 nursing care, and plan for follow-up appointments.
  7. Post-Op Care: Arrange bandage changes, massages, and medication instructions before heading home.
  8. Return: travel back to your home country.

Find a more detailed guide about breast surgeries, surgeons, flight, and accommodation in the article “Breast Augmentation and Reduction Surgery in Lithuania

Next step: Talk to a reliable surgeon

In a scheduled consultation concerning breast surgery (via video call or email), you will discuss the expected size, shape, and proportions of desirable breasts.

The most important thing in plastic surgery is contour and form, so it is particularly important to find a reliable technique for adding volume to the tissues. Breast plastic surgery costs are established based on desired results.

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