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Nose shape correction

Nose shape correction helps soften the shape of the nose, lower the hump, narrow or raise the tip of a nose. Usually, nose tip correction is carried out to match aesthetics with functionality. Nasal tip correction is a plastic surgery when a plastic surgeon gives the nose the desired shape without affecting the basic function […]

Dr. Dainius Daunoravičius

A specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery Dr. Dainius Daunoravičius LICENSE MPL-17062/25779 (A specialist in plastic and reconstructive surgery). Dr Dainius Daunoravičius has been working in this field since 2007. He is a member of the Lithuanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the American Society of […]


The top 10 valuable tips for achieving the perfect body is now replaced by one golden rule. “Emsculpt” helps to quickly eliminate fat and increase muscle mass without significant efforts. “Clinicus Vilnius” presents: 1 procedure – €200. 4 procedures – €600. SPECIAL OFFER: 20% discount when you purchase a package of at least 4 procedures. […]


BTL Exilis Ultra 360: a revolutionary treatment for body tightening, skin rejuvenation, and volume reduction Experience transformative aesthetic changes from head to toe with the cutting-edge EXILIS ULTRA 360 device. The EXILIS ULTRA 360 is a unique device with a broad spectrum of capabilities, using a simultaneous and continuous combination of radiofrequency and ultrasound energy […]

Fat removal

Abdominal fat removal is one of the ways of forming a more appealing body contour. Liposuction is not a substitute for an active lifestyle, exercise, and a healthy diet, nor does it tighten excess skin. Liposuction can be combined with abdominal plastic surgery to restore the original position of the abdominal wall deformed after pregnancy […]

Eyelid plastic surgery

Eyelid plastic surgery (blepharoplasty) is a surgical treatment to improve the appearance of the eyelids. Eyelid plastic surgery may be performed on the upper or lower eyelid separately or on both at once. Eyelid surgery helps solve the following problems: Upper eyelid plastic surgery removes loose or sagging skin that forms wrinkles or distorts the […]

Nasal septum surgery

An equally important important part of nasal plastic surgery is the elimination of breathing problems through nasal septum surgery and nasal restructuring. Various injuries and accidents, congenital nasal septum deviations or hypertrophy of the nasal concha cause problems like snoring and chronic rhinitis, adversely affect the cardiovascular system, and may cause even digestive problems. Nasal […]

Thread facelift

The application of facelift sutures is one of the most advanced and safe treatments to improve the facial skin condition without scarring. The plastic surgeons at Clinicus, Rokas Bagdonas (in Klaipėda) and Dainius Daunoravičius (in Vilnius), carry out facelift procedures with APTOS, Promo Italia Happy Lift ™ or Silhouette Soft® (USA) suspension threads. Following the […]

Facial contouring

One can create a more expressive face by the use of beauty products – most women do it every day or when they are getting ready for some exclusive or festive occasion. When products intended for covering defects and contouring of the face no longer work, a durable facial contouring result is achieved with fat […]

Neck correction

Neck correction is a surgical procedure that helps remove visible signs of ageing in the jaw and neck area. When the neck area does not match the upper facial appearance, neck tightening is the most appropriate solution. The results of the neck correction can be seen when the swelling disappears, which takes anywhere between a […]


Prominent ear correction (otoplasty) may have a major impact on your overall image and self-confidence. If you or your child experience any discomfort due to protruding ears or differently shaped ears, we advise considering plastic surgery. Prominent ear surgery can be used to correct the following: Excessively large ears (a rare condition called macrotia) Prominent […]

Implant-based chin correction

Using a chin implant, the size and protrusion of the chin may be adjusted, if the chin is not in proportion with the forehead and the middle part of the face. Implant-based chin augmentation is the best solution for those with a fully developed head and skull, which usually occurs in late adolescence. Chin correction […]

CRYOSLIM® cryotherapy

The popularity of cryotherapy is continuously increasing, as it helps reduce the subcutaneous fat layer. Lie down in comfort and watch the fat layer decrease without any pain and incisions, safely and effectively. It is possible thanks to the innovative CRYOSLIM® cryotherapy device that reduces fat deposits in the abdomen, thigh, back, buttock, and upper […]

Removal of moles by radiosurgery

Mole removal is a simple treatment, during which such skin lesions are removed from various parts of the body to eliminate aesthetic problems and hygiene inconveniences. A contact with jewellery, accessories, and hair removal tools may cause mole irritation, which can lead to faster development of lesions. Therefore, the plastic surgeons at Clinicus primarily recommend […]

Abdominal plastic surgery

Tummy tuck surgery is a great solution to those wishing to get rid of a sagging belly. Even those who are not overweight and have a well-proportioned body may have a protruding or flabby and sagging belly. The most common reasons of this condition are: Aging Heredity Childbirth Previous surgery Major changes in body weight […]

Breast augmentation with implants

Womanliness means gracefulness, body proportions, roundness, and beauty. Round and full breasts add femininity to a woman’s body. Breast shape restoration or implant-based breast augmentation is a solution for those who would like to have nicer breasts. Better looks leads to more self-confidence. Restores former shape and fullness Over time, aging processes affect the body, […]

Radiosurgery for removal of papillomas

Radiosurgery, known as one of the most effective and safe solutions for removing papillomas, is a quick and painless treatment method. During the procedure, radio waves of certain frequency are used. Plastic surgeons at Clinicus successfully remove unsightly and discomforting papillomas by selecting the frequency of radio waves, strength of the current, and adjusting the […]

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid injections are a great choice for those wishing to reduce facial wrinkles, as the product is a completely natural substance present in the human body. Hyaluronic acid injections also accumulate water in the surface of the skin, which keeps the skin fresh and firm. Hyaluronic acid injections can be used to improve the […]


Fat transfer breast augmentation is a perfect alternative to implants. It is a natural way to restore the fullness and shapeliness of the breasts, as well as enlarge them, using your own tissue. Fat transfer breast augmentation is carried out following the special equipment-based preparation of the fat for injections. The transferred fat absorbs in […]

Radiosurgery for the removal of skin lesions

The plastic surgeons at Clinicus remove a variety of skin lesions by means of radiosurgery. This method ensures a safe and efficient removal of warts, moles, condilomas, angiomas, seborrhoeic keratoses, pyogenic granulomas, enlarged sebaceous glands, enlarged blood vessels, and other skin layer lesions without surgical intervention. The procedure involves high-frequency radio waves, using an active […]

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