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“Clinicus Klaipėda” offers consultations and treatments by a team of diverse specialists in various fields. We strive to provide comprehensive and professional care to every patient at our clinic.

Our dermatologist conducts consultations and performs diagnostic assessments for skin conditions, treating both facial and body skin issues. We devise personalized medication treatment plans for skin ailments and incorporate therapeutic procedures based on individual needs.

Using the advanced “QuadroStar Pro Yellow” laser, we effectively eliminate pigmented spots, vascular lesions, dilated capillaries, facial redness, and hemangiomas.

With the state-of-the-art “MeDioStarNeXT Pro” laser, we address acne concerns by eliminating pore blockages, reducing sebum production, and preventing the formation of pustules. Additionally, we offer long-term hair removal using this device.

For the removal of moles, warts, enlarged sebaceous glands, skin tags, and other benign skin growths, we utilize the reliable “Curis” radio-surgical device.

Our dermatologist is proficient in performing PRP procedures, administering injections of botulinum toxin and hyaluronic acid, as well as cryotherapy treatments using the cutting-edge “CryoSlim” device.

At “Clinicus Klaipėda,” Dr. Agnė Bagdonė, our experienced dermatologist, attends to your skin health needs with utmost care and expertise.

Otorhinolaryngologists at “Clinicus Klaipėda” provide consultations, diagnose, and treat patients with ear, nose, and throat conditions.

we conduct upper respiratory tract endoscopy, perform nasal biopsies, administer adenoid punctures, remove foreign bodies, control bleeding, and offer procedures for removing nasal and throat papillomas and more, ensuring comprehensive care.

In this specialty, we have two skilled doctors, Ingrida Anužytė and Inga Katutienė at “Clinicus Klaipėda.”

For breast conditions, Dr. Miglė Stakytė, a breast surgeon at “Clinicus Klaipėda,” provides consultations to women, diagnoses both benign and malignant breast issues, and conducts breast ultrasound examinations and necessary surgical interventions.

Abdominal Surgeon: provides consultations, diagnoses, and treatments for patients with conditions affecting the gallbladder and bile duct, stomach, duodenum, intestines, and anus. Additionally, he can perform internal organ echoscopy.

At “Clinicus Klaipėda,” you can rely on the expertise of Abdominal Surgeons Vitalijus Eismontas and Marijus Ambrazevičius.

Urologist: offers consultations, diagnoses, and treatments for patients with urinary tract and prostate, kidney, bladder, and testicular oncological conditions. He is proficient in conducting echoscopy, biopsies, and punctures.

At “Clinicus Klaipėda,” Dr. Viktoras Raševskis specializes in various urological surgeries and testicular prosthetics using implants following testicle removal operations.

Gynecologists: provide expert consultations and treatments for a range of gynecological pathologies, including aesthetic and minimally invasive gynecological surgeries, pelvic organ prolapse correction and diagnostics, early pregnancy and chromosomal anomaly screening, and contraceptive advice.

At “Clinicus Klaipėda,” you can rely on the expertise of Dr. Marius Diržauskas and Dr. Michail Tarachovskij.

Orthopedic Surgeon: offers consultations on trauma and injury treatments, specializing in surgically addressing musculoskeletal deformities, and is proficient in administering intra-articular medication injections.

At “Clinicus Klaipėda,” we have the expertise of Dr. Arnoldas Rudokas and Dr. Marijus Žvikas.

Echoscopist: conducts detailed echoscopy of soft tissues (skin, subcutaneous formations, salivary glands), breasts, lymph nodes, muscles, joints (after injuries and in degenerative diseases), blood vessels (neck and other areas), peripheral nerves, thyroid, and abdominal organs. During consultations, they provide thorough explanations of findings and discuss further actions.

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