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Warts are growths of skin cells that may occur anywhere on the body due to virus-induced infections.

Normally, warts are not painful but when present on well-visible parts of the body may cause discomfort. Wart treatment is advisable if you feel pain or experience aesthetic or functional inconvenience. It is worth remembering that warts may disappear on their own without any intervention; however, if your immune system weakens, they may grow and spread throughout the entire body.

Modern medicine offers a variety of wart removal methods. Clinicus in Vilnius and in Klaipėda uses a radiosurgery method to remove these benign growths of the outer layer of the skin.

The removal of warts using radio waves ensures the destruction of wart tissue and, at the same time, preservation of the surrounding healthy tissues. This non-surgical method is known as one of the safest and most effective.

The main purpose of wart removal is to affect a wart down to its root, thus preventing its renewal. The removal of warts using radio waves is carried out through microscopic tissue sections, using a surgical electrode.

Radiosurgery wart removal in Vilnius is performed by Dainius Daunoravičius, a plastic surgeon at Clinicus, and in Klaipėda by Rokas Bagdonas, a plastic surgeon at Clinicus.

In Clinicus Klaipėda, foot wart removal and the treatments associated with callus, deformed and ingrown nails, as well as nail and foot fungus, are also carried out by a medical pedicure specialist.

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