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At our clinic, we provide consultations, diagnose conditions, and offer treatments for patients who entrust their intimate health to experienced gynecologists, Michail Tarachovskij and Marius Diržauskas.

Our skilled doctors perform aesthetic and gynecological surgeries, address pelvic organ prolapse, and offer guidance on contraceptive methods.


If necessary during consultations we may conduct ultrasound examinations, oncocytopathological tests, and provide assistance in choosing, inserting, or removing intrauterine devices.

We offer obstetric services, pregnancy diagnostics, and early diagnosis of chromosomal anomalies for patients. Additionally, we may enhance intimate health with PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatments, labiaplasty, and vaginal tightening procedures.

The PRP procedure is recommended in cases when a woman wishes to improve her sexual health for preventive or therapeutic purposes. Platelet-Rich Plasma injections effectively rejuvenate, moisturize, and enhance the condition and tone of sexual organs and tissues.


Vaginal dryness, decreased sexual desire, changes in psychological and emotional state, stress, and constant mood swings are symptoms that require appropriate attention and treatment. PRP injections in gynecology are one of the most effective and popular methods for stimulating women’s regenerative processes.

This aesthetic procedure helps reduce discomfort in a woman’s intimate life, eliminates cervical erosions and other vaginal inflammations, treats vaginal dryness, and accelerates recovery during the postpartum period or after intimate plastic and gynecological surgeries.


New and effective service – an intimate women’s rehabilitation procedure with the innovative EXILIS ULTRA 360 device that lasts just 8 minutes and helps with:

  • vaginal laxity, dryness, and restores tone;
  • activates blood circulation;
  • treats urinary incontinence.

The device emits continuous radiofrequency and ultrasound waves of varying lengths, reaching even the deepest layers of the skin. The strength and intensity of the waves are controlled by the patented “360 Volumetric Heating” system, which combines heating and cooling. This technology can only be used by qualified medical specialists.

The main principles that our professional gynecologists follow are: use an individual approach to each patient, apply comprehensive measures, and select of gentle and effective treatment methods.


If a patient experience physical and psychological discomfort due to excessively large or asymmetrical labia, we recommend labiaplasty.

Based on the individual case, the procedure may involve the removal of excess labial skin and the correction of its shape and size.

Aesthetic gynecology is one of the fastest-growing fields in medicine. Women’s health, comfort, and self-confidence are particularly important in their intimate lives. Therefore, various sexual health disorders and psychological complexes arising due to age, genetics, diseases, or other factors can be addressed and resolved by utilising aesthetic gynecology.

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