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The plastic surgeons at Clinicus advise on aesthetic and reconstructive surgery issues in Vilnius and Klaipėda.

Dr Rokas Bagdonas, who performs surgeries in the seaport city, admits patients on the basis of pre-registration in our clinic (Liepų St. 53 A, Klaipėda). In the capital city, Dr. Dainius Daunoravičius consults patients at Clinicus Vilnius (V. Grybo St. 17-135).

A consultation with a plastic surgeon is required when preparing for plastic surgery of any type: breast augmentation, reduction, and lifting, nose correction, body contour or facial surgeries.

During the consultation with a plastic surgeon, you will share your expectations and describe the changes you are looking for. The surgeon will carry out the examination, suggest the best solution, describe the course of the expected surgery and explain how to prepare for it, as well as provide information concerning the postoperative period.

In the course of your consultation, the surgeon will make inquiries about your health status, the medications that you use, your previous surgeries, and will then prescribe the necessary preoperative tests.

The consultation is the time that the plastic surgeon and the patient spend talking, getting to know each other, and to reaching a mutual understanding, which defines the outcome of the planned surgery.

A consultation with a plastic surgeon may also be done online: patients send to the surgeon a short description of the problem they encounter, including photos, by e-mail ([email protected] to Dr. R. Bagdonas, and [email protected] to Dr. D. Daunoravičius).

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