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For those planning to undergo nose correction (rhinoplasty), the plastic surgeons at Clinicus recommend to try a computer simulation service.

Thanks to a special graphical imaging programme, you will be able to see in advance how your appearance will change after the surgery.

Computer simulation begins with taking pictures of the patient from different angles and processing the pictures by a computer program. The three-dimensional images of the nose and the changes in its proportions show the potential surgical outcomes, offering the plastic surgeon and the patient have an opportunity to model it.

Plastic surgery of the nose is used to correct the nose form, to lower the hump, to narrow or raise the tip of the nose. This may solve any aesthetic and physiological problems arising from various disorders of the respiratory function.

Various injuries, accidents, congenital nasal septum deviation, and hypertrophy of the nasal concha cause snoring, chronic rhinitis, adversely affect the cardiovascular system, and may even cause digestive problems.

For this reason, a rhinoplasty is often performed in conjunction with an ENT specialist.

Computer simulation services and nasal plastic surgery in Clinicus Klaipėda are performed by Rokas Bagdonas, MD, and in Clinicus Vilnius by Dainius Daunoravičius, MD.

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