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Every woman has a different body and a different aesthetic taste as well as needs, and therefore the plastic and reconstructive surgeons of Clinicus, Dr Rokas Bagdonas and Dr Dainius Daunoravičius, offer a wide range of surgical breast enhancement options.

Breast augmentation is performed using silicone implants. To achieve the best result, this type of surgery is often combined with a breast lift and/or breast shape correction using fat removed from other areas of the patient’s body.

In the case of fat-based breast augmentation, an all-inclusive procedure is performed where the fat is removed through tiny incisions made in the abdominal, thigh or inner knee areas. Preventing contact with air, the fat is filtered using a special machine and prepared for injecting. Fat helps restore the youthful fullness of the breasts and fill in the ‘hollow’ areas in the upper part of the breasts.

The fat has to be injected in larger quantities than required, as only 40 to 60% of the injected fat is absorbed; therefore, the breasts may have a bit swollen look during the first month, following which the size stabilizes. The shape of the breasts may be affected by the changes in body weight and hormonal fluctuations.

Innovative implants that meet individual expectations

Taking into consideration the different anatomy and individual expectations of women, Clinicus offers a variety of implants for breast augmentation.

Since 1961, when the first silicone implant was invented, scientific advances and technologies have reached significant heights. Consequently, modern breast augmentation is safe surgery that ensures a lasting effect and provides women with an opportunity to select not only the most popular, round or teardrop-shaped (anatomical), breast implants, but also innovative implant models.

Plastic surgeons at Clinicus, Dr Rokas Bagdonas and Dr Dainius Daunoravi
ius, perform breast augmentation surgeries using the products from verified and certified manufacturers only, such as Motiva, Polytech, and Mentor. Patients are offered a selection of sizes ranging from the low- and moderate- to high- and extra high-profile implants (225 to 700+ ml).

Breast enhancement and silicone implants: what do I need to know?

  • Round-shaped breast implants: Delicate women may fear that breast enlargement using these implants will result in unnaturally-looking breasts. However, with proper selection of the implant profile (protrusion) and size ratio, the enhanced breasts look nice. This type of implants is particularly suitable when the upper pole of the breast has lost its volume.
  • Anatomically-shapes breast implants: These teardrop-shaped implants are particularly suitable when there is a lack of fullness in the lower breast pole.
  • Ergonomic-profile implants: The filler of these implants flexibly adapts to the body position and, therefore, perfectly reproduces the natural characteristics of the breast. Based on plastic surgeon and patient feedback on breast augmentation results, these implants are the ‘golden middle.’
  • Round- or anatomically-shaped breast implants with a polyurethane coating: They do not differ in shape from implants with conventional coating. The unique feature is that they are not noticeable after the breast augmentation surgery and the special coating reduces the risk of possible complications. Therefore, these implants are recommended for patients who have experienced postoperative complications or want faster implant ‘consolidation’ with body tissues.

We also provide remote consultations

The price of breast augmentation surgery is determined by a variety of factors: the selected augmentation technique, the size and the manufacturer of the implants, each individual situation and expectations.
The breast enhancement, the patient expectations, the price and other important issues necessary for an adequate preoperative preparation are discussed during the consultation with the plastic surgeon.
Dr Rokas Bagdonas, the plastic surgeon at Clinicus, provides consultations on breast enhancement issues and performs surgeries in Klaipėda, and Dr Dainius Daunoravičius in Vilnius.
The surgeons also provide remote consultations for the patients who live in other cities or abroad (please send the description of a problem and expectations, as well as your body measurements and photos by e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]).
After the patient arrives at the clinic following the initial online communication, the plastic surgeon will make precise measurements and will further discuss with you the details and evaluate the scope of the surgery, and will suggest the right size of the implants or offer a complex solution.

Do I need breast augmentation surgery?

Yes, if you wish to have bigger breasts and increase breast projection (protrusion), improve the proportions of your figure or perfect your looks and boost your self- confidence.
Unfortunately, breast augmentation does not help lift severely sagging breasts. If the sagging effect is extremely pronounced, we recommend combining breast augmentation with breast lift.
Breast enhancement is recommended when your breasts are fully developed and you feel discomfort because of the breast size, or your breasts have lost their shape, fullness and volume, or they are asymmetrical, one or both breasts are not fully developed naturally or they are long in shape.
Breast augmentation surgery, which may take between 1 and 3 hours, is performed under general anaesthesia. The plastic surgeon, taking into consideration the expected result, will select the most suitable surgical method and the location of the incision site (below the mammary glands, in the armpits or in the nipple area). The patient has to stay in the clinic for one day following the breast augmentation surgery.
Breast augmentation is one of the most popular aesthetic surgeries, and the post-op period requires wearing a special bra and limiting physical activity for 4 weeks. The final effect of the surgery is visible after three months. Patient feedback on this type of surgeries is nothing but positive.
Breast enhancement surgery is not recommended for girls under the age of 18 (unless it is an exceptional case, granted parental consent), as well as for women who plan pregnancy in the near future.
You are welcome to review the before-and-after breast augmentation gallery on our website and familiarise yourself with the combined aesthetic medicine solutions offered by the plastic surgeons at Clinicus, as well as the patient feedback on breast enhancement and the plastic surgeons working at Clinicus.
You will also find special offers and promotions, the price of breast augmentation and other services, as well as the option to pay for a required surgery in instalments, which is available to patients residing in Lithuania and working under employment contracts.
Breast augmentation is one of the breast surgeries we offer; prices of the implant-based surgical procedure start at € 2,500.

Prices of implant-based breast augmentation plus breast lift start at € 3,000.

Prices of breast shape correction using transplanted fat start at € 2,000.

Prices of breast reduction start at € 2,000. Nipple reduction, at € 600, inverted breast nipple correction, at € 400.

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