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Early detection of a disease leads to more successful treatment. At “Clinicus Klaipėda,” human anatomy radiography is performed using the state-of-the-art digital equipment “DRgem GXR ES.” The examination can be conducted with the patient in a seated, lying, or standing position.

Radiological examinations allow for the diagnosis of various health conditions and injuries within the body.

We perform X-rays of the spine, ribs, chest, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, thighs, knees, shins, ankles, pelvis, abdomen, head, eye sockets, and nasal bones, as well as other X-ray examinations.

This apparatus does not perform dental panoramic X-rays (orthopantomograms) or combined X-rays of the limbs and spine.

All services are subject to charges, while a comprehensive referral indicating the specific location for the diagnostic X-ray examination is necessary from a specialist doctor.

Evaluation and description of X-ray images are available at an additional cost. Pre-registration is mandatory.

The examination takes up to 5 minutes. The preparation for the procedure and the analysis of the results may take from 30 minutes to several hours in total.

Prior to the X-ray examination, you will need to take off certain clothing, jewelry, glasses, and other metal objects. You may also need to wear protective shielding to guard against radiation during the examination.

Keep in mind, X-ray examinations are not performed on pregnant women and children under the age of 15.

You can find the prices under “Clinicus Klaipėda.” service pricelist.

Advance registration: +370 665 14000, +370 46 411 411, [email protected], or fill out the contact form on the website.

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