The plastic surgeons at Clinicus remove a variety of skin lesions by means of radiosurgery. This method ensures a safe and efficient removal of warts, moles, condilomas, angiomas, seborrhoeic keratoses, pyogenic granulomas, enlarged sebaceous glands, enlarged blood vessels, and other skin layer lesions without surgical intervention.

The procedure involves high-frequency radio waves, using an active surgical electrode. The removal of skin lesions is carried out through microscopic tissue incisions so that the surrounding tissue remains undamaged.

The radio waves do not stimulate the nerve endings, which makes the removal of skin lesions by means of radiosurgery a painless procedure that only produces a mild tingling.

The use of a needle electrode enables the removal of undesirable lesions present in the areas of the body where other means of removal of such lesions are impracticable, such as intimate parts of the body and eyelid edges. The application of the radiosurgery method for the removal of skin lesions from the hair-covered area of the head does not necessitate cutting the hair in the areas treated.

During the initial consultation, the doctor will decide whether the lesions are benign and may be removed or not. In case of any doubt, the doctor will prescribe a relevant test concerning a skin lesion.

The removal of skin lesions in Clinicus Vilnius is performed by plastic surgeon Dainius Daunoravičius, and in Clinicus Klaipėda by plastic surgeon Rokas Bagdonas.

Radiosurgery for the removal of skin lesions

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