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The ALLURION weight loss program delivers impressive results, with participants losing 10-15 kg of weight within just 4 months. These outcomes are achieved by combining dietary and behavioral adjustments with the impact of the ALLURION gastric balloon.

“Clinicus Klaipėda” has joined this weight loss program, which is offered in dozens of countries worldwide and was developed by US scientists. The ALLURION gastric balloon was first tested on patients back in 2015.

ALLURION stands out as the only gastric balloon that requires no additional invasive procedures (such as anesthesia, endoscopy, or surgery) for implantation and removal.

This program is highly recommended for patients dealing with overweight or obesity (having a body mass index of 27 kg/m2 or higher).

Remarkably, 95% of participants maintain their achieved weight loss results for at least one year after completing the program. On average, individuals experience a weight reduction of 10-15 kg or 10-15% of their total body weight.

Introducing the ALLURION Weight Loss Program

The ALLURION Weight Loss Program offers an effective and well-tested approach to weight reduction, embraced by nearly 50,000 patients worldwide. This program, led by medical dietitian Edvard Grišin and surgeon Karolis Daktaras, is structured around three key steps.



During this phase, patients undergo a consultation with the medical dietitian to create a personalized nutrition and physical activity plan. New, healthier habits are established, and medications are prescribed to prepare the stomach for the upcoming gastric balloon implantation.


Patients will swallow an almond-sized ALLURION gastric balloon, attached to a thin catheter, in capsule form. This quick, non-surgical procedure takes approximately 20 minutes, requiring no anesthesia or endoscopy. Remarkably, 99.9% of patients successfully ingest the capsule.

Following an X-ray confirmation of the capsule’s position in the stomach, the balloon is then gently filled with fluid, approximately 550 ml. The balloon remains in the stomach for four months.

During the initial period after the balloon implantation, some patients may experience mild symptoms like heartburn, nausea, or abdominal cramps. However, these symptoms can be effectively managed with prescribed medications. We recommend allowing 1-2 days of rest before resuming regular daily activities.

Participants in the ALLURION weight loss program can conveniently track their progress through a dedicated mobile app. The significant data is recorded with the help of the wireless body analysis scale and smartwatch used by the patient.

Vital data is collected and shared with the medical dietitian. This real-time tracking ensures timely additional recommendations if needed.

After 4 months, the balloon in the stomach self-deflates and naturally exits the body through the digestive tract. No additional procedures are performed (except in extremely rare cases).


As patients progress beyond the four-month period, the medical team continues to support them in maintaining the newly adopted dietary and behavioral habits, ensuring long-term success in weight loss.
Previously known as ELIPSE, the program is now officially called ALLURION.

The cost of the ALLURION Weight Loss Program is €3,000, applicable to both insured and non-insured patients from Lithuania and abroad.

You can take advantage of the clinic’s partner, “Inbank,” services and purchase the weight loss program in installments.

For a complimentary consultation via email with “Clinicus Klaipėda” doctor Karolis Daktaras, contact [email protected].

You can pre-register by calling the following phone number +370 46 411 411, or emailing [email protected]. Alternatively, you can fill out the registration form on our website.

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