Radiosurgery for removal of papillomas

Radiosurgery for removal of papillomas

Radiosurgery, known as one of the most effective and safe solutions for removing papillomas, is a quick and painless treatment method.

During the procedure, radio waves of certain frequency are used. Plastic surgeons at Clinicus successfully remove unsightly and discomforting papillomas by selecting the frequency of radio waves, strength of the current, and adjusting the duration of contact with the skin.

Typically, the removal of papillomas takes only a few minutes and usually a single treatment is enough to get rid of them. Papillomas are removed by a surgical electrode that converts electric current into high-frequency radio waves.

The cells of the growth of the skin affected by radio waves are destroyed and the surrounding healthy tissue is not damaged. The radio waves used during the procedure do not stimulate the nerve endings, which makes the treatment a painless procedure.

Following the removal of papillomas, the patient can be released immediately; this kind of treatment does not cause allergies or other complications.

Unless removed, papillomas can spread throughout the entire body. Most often papillomas tend to develop in greater numbers in the armpit, groin, chest, neck, and facial areas. Increased proliferation is promoted by excessive sweating and skin folds rubbing together.