The latest achievements in aesthetic medicine make it possible to carry out facial skin rejuvenation and treatment procedures without surgical invasion and pain.

One of the popular aesthetic procedures provided by Clinicus Klaipėda is the effective skin rejuvenation and facial/neck skin tightening without scarring suitable for all types of skin, which is done with the MeDioStarNeXT laser.

Following laser facial treatments, wrinkles, especially around the eyes, smoothen and other skin defects diminish.

Dermatologist Agnė Bagdonė selects the applicable facial treatments in Klaipėda on a case-by-case basis to ensure the best result: fresh, firm and radiant skin.

Clinicus in Klaipėda offers a variety of facial treatments: QuadroStar Pro Yellow laser removal of pigmented spots, enlarged capillaries, hemangiomas, and the so-called ‘spider moles,’ as well as facial redness and rosacea treatments.

We treat acne with the MeDioStarNeXT laser by the AsclepionLazer Technologies manufacturer (Germany) and, where necessary, apply combined acne treatment involving medication.

Using the innovative laser for facial treatments, we also provide services of unwanted facial hair removal from the upper lip, chin, and cheek areas, the area between the eyebrows, as well as hair removal from other parts of the body. Depilation using the advanced laser is durable and has no side effects, plus it is safe and painless.