Facelift is a plastic surgery of facial, neck and soft tissue correction. During the surgery, signs of aging are removed, the facial oval is restored, and facial contouring performed.

The signs of ageing appear individually and are associated with the lowering of the outer eyebrows, visible excessive skin on the upper eyelids, lost chubbiness of cheeks, deepening of wrinkles around the nose and the lips, and formation of noticeable folds both under the chin and on the neck.

Facial lifting surgery is performed through the skin sections in naturally occurring skin folds and at the hairline. This way, not only the facial skin but also deeper layers: ligaments and muscles are lifted.

The plastic surgeons at Clinicus carry out the following facial lifting procedures: Classic Facelift – the lifting of the middle and lower part of the face (forehead lift, midface lift and chin/neck correction; prices start at € 2,500).

We also perform a thread facelift (prices start at € 800), as well as the endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift, which may also include an upper eyelid blepharoplasty (prices are between € 1,200 and 1,600). Facelift surgery may also be combined with other plastic surgery procedures: nose correction, filler injections, and fat transplantation.