The prices of the surgery

start at € 1,200

Forehead and eyebrow correction is quite a popular plastic surgery that removes wrinkles in the area of the forehead and lifts sagging eyebrows. It is the forehead and eyebrow lift.

‘The forehead tightening and eyebrow lift help reduce or completely eliminate horizontal lines on the forehead, correct sagging eyebrows that form a gloomy facial expression, and remove the vertical lines between the eyebrows located in the so-called Glabella region,’ says plastic surgeon Rokas Bagdonas.

When it comes to forehead tightening, the eyebrow lift can be done under two different approaches:

In the area of temples: this way, the skin of the forehead above the eyebrows, i.e., the lowered outer corner of the eyebrow, is lifted. In the process, the lines in the corners of the eyes are smoothened and the upper eyelids are lifted, resulting in an eyebrow correction. The surgery is carried out both in Vilnius and in Klaipėda.

Long-lasting eyebrow correction involves incisions above the eyebrows: it is an old and effective method to perform an eyebrow lift. However, it has been rarely used recently, since tiny marks over the eyebrows’ hairline remain visible following the surgery.

The surgeries are carried out both in Vilnius and in Klaipėda.