Removal of stretch marks

Removal of stretch marks

Aesthetic medicine makes use of carbon dioxide (CO2) for the removal of stretch marks. Carboxytherapy treats both new and old stretch marks.

During the stretch mark removal procedure, carbon dioxide gas is injected into the wide red or white lines of the skin that usually appear on the breasts, the abdomen, the buttocks, and the thighs. Cellulite treatment is not painful but can cause a sensation of tension.

Once the vital processes of the skin have been activated, it regenerates the production of collagen that helps maintain elasticity improves, and the skin absorbs more oxygen.

Following the carboxotherapy treatments, the stretch marks shrink, and bright-red stretch marks become lighter in colour and less noticeable.

The stretch mark removal treatment is even more efficient when carboxytherapy is combined with body tightening procedures that are performed using French cosmetics Biologique Recherche.

Agnė Bagdonė, a dermatologist at Clinicus Klaipėda, says that it is not possible to eliminate stretch marks completely with the use of cosmetic means, such as special equipment and treatments, alone, unless patients choose surgical removal of stretch marks.

The price of stretch marks and cellulitis treatment is € 60–80. To register for a visit to Clinicus Klaipėda call +370 665 14000.