Inverted breast nipples are more than just an aesthetic problem.

Plastic surgeons Dr Rokas Bagdonas and Dr Dainius Daunoravičius note that inverted breast nipples are a quite common disorder, causing various inconveniences to women: from simple dissatisfaction with their appearance to difficulties when breast-feeding, poor hygiene of the breast areola site and recurrent inflammations.

According to medical literature, up to 10% of all women have more or less inverted nipples. The causes are congenital in many cases, and the inverted nipple condition becomes apparent only during puberty. Less commonly, this condition is related to injuries, breastfeeding, infectious or even oncological diseases.

Nipple inversion is caused by too-short milk ducts. Clinically, there are three grades of inverted nipples.

Plastic surgeons perform inverted nipple correction by combining a sparing and a conservative surgical method. The surgery is carried out through 1–2 mm micro incisions using local or, at the patient’s request, general anaesthesia.