Krūtų pakėlimo operacija, kaina

1800 – 2400 €

Genes, as well as lifestyle, childbirth and breastfeeding, have the greatest impact on the shape of the breasts. A breast lift surgery is an option for those who are embarrassed by the appearance of their breasts.

Breast lift is performed surgically, by removing excess breast skin and tightening the remaining tissue, which results in a shapely and youthful breast contour. Breast lift surgery is performed with general anaesthesia.

The result of breast lift surgery is visible immediately. Swelling and incision marks disappear shortly. The surgery ensures that the restored shape and fullness of breasts will remain unchanged for a long time. Their shape can only affected by the process of ageing or by significant changes in bodyweight. Breast lift and enlargement, as well as breast lift and reduction, may be performed during a single surgery.

It is recommended to have a breast lift surgery carried out after breastfeeding, as changes in the woman’s body during pregnancy can adversely affect the shape of breasts.

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