The price of fat transfer breast augmentation is

between € 2,000 and 2,700

Fat transfer breast augmentation is a perfect alternative to implants. It is a natural way to restore the fullness and shapeliness of the breasts, as well as enlarge them, using your own tissue.

Fat transfer breast augmentation is carried out following the special equipment-based preparation of the fat for injections. The transferred fat absorbs in a new place, and the shape and size of the breast looks completely natural.

During the first month after the surgery, the breasts may look a bit swollen but it is a temporary condition.

Sometimes, in order to get a more pronounced result, the procedure has to be repeated.

It should be remembered that just like any other body fat, breast fat responds to the changes in body weight and hormonal fluctuations, which may cause changes in the shape of the breasts over time.

Fat transplantation is a technically complicated procedure that requires careful and consistent handling, as well as attention to the smallest details as, after all, the procedure involves the transplantation of ‘live’ fat cells. The surgery starts with fat removal from where a patient wants to get rid of it. Most often, it is the abdomen, waist, back, thigh, or inner knee areas.

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