Brest implants cost:

from € 2,500

Womanliness means gracefulness, body proportions, roundness, and beauty. Round and full breasts add femininity to a woman’s body. Breast shape restoration or implant-based breast augmentation is a solution for those who would like to have nicer breasts. Better looks leads to more self-confidence.

Restores former shape and fullness

Over time, aging processes affect the body, including breasts. They lose their former firmness and fullness. Quite often breasts lose their firmness after childbirth or loss of weight. Such a change in appearance makes women feel uncomfortable and can lead to a lower level of self-confidence.
Breast implants restore the former shapely appearance of a woman just as they help get rid of diffidence.
Breast implants are also a great option to patients with congenital breast asymmetry, where one breast or both of them are not fully developed, differ in size. Properly fitted breast implants perfect the breasts so that they fit into the body’s natural proportions. During surgery, breast implant replacement may be carried out as well.

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