Thigh liposuction eliminates excess subcutaneous fat when the skin still has not lost its elasticity. When the skin in the thigh area is saggy, liposuction is combined with thigh lift technique.

This way, both fat and excess skin may be removed during the surgery. The thighs become more proportionate and the thigh skin smoother.

Thigh fat removal is performed using modern Lipomatic liposuction devices and special systems having no direct contact with air. Where the removed fat is used for transplantation, it allows to maintain the viability of up to 90% of the stem cells present in the fat.

The plastic surgeons at Clinicus perform liposuction procedures using the innovative Lipomatic fat removal devices with infrasonic vibration.

Fat cells removed from the inner or outer thigh do not regenerate. If the body tends to accumulate fat, it will appear in other parts of the body.

The plastic surgeon will quote the thigh liposuction price during the consultation on case-to-case basis, having examined the problem areas and suggested the most suitable option to achieve the desired result.