Anti-sweat botulinum toxin injection prices

start at € 350

If excessive sweating causes you discomfort even at low temperatures, if your hands are constantly wet and you try to avoid shaking hands with anyone, or if you suffer from excessive forehead sweats, you should not ignore it. Profuse sweating may cause a variety of psychological and social problems.

‘Untreated hyperhidrosis will not go away and, given a favourable environment, it can strike unexpectedly and with vengeance,’ warns dermatologist Agnė Bagdonė. According to her, the only effective way to overcome excess sweating in this case is to have the hyperhidrosis treatment, or the excessive sweating treatment. The choice of a particular treatment method is directly related to the severity and location of hyperhidrosis. One of the simplest, most effective and affordable methods is anti-sweat injections: the treatment of sweating with botulinum toxin injections.

It has been proven scientifically, that the treatment of sweating with botulinum toxin injections in the case of local hyperhidrosis affecting armpits or palms significantly improves the patient’s condition.

Treatment of sweating with botulinum toxin injections at Clinicus is performed using top-quality certified products only.