Plastic surgery services on credit

Plastic Surgery Services on Credit

CLINICUS plastic surgery services are also available by payment in instalments. The clinic cooperates with the Mokilizingas credit company that ensures exceptionally favourable credit terms and conditions to the clients:

  • Monthly interest rate of just 0.55%
  • No contract fee or other additional charges
  • The total amount in your disposition is between EUR 50 and EUR 10,000
  • Flexible repayment terms ranging from 6 to 60 months

The following persons are eligible to conclude a contract with Mokilizingas:

  • Persons paid under an employment contract (for at least a 4-month period)
  • Persons paid permanent benefits by Sodra
  • Statutory officers
  • Pensioners receiving state pensions of soldiers, officers, or judges
  • Farmers

If you wish to have services provided on credit:

  • Make sure you have a valid personal identity document* or a relevant certificate if you are a pensioner, statutory officer or farmer
  • Contact the nearest branch of Mokilizingas (
  • Indicate to the employee of Mokilizingas that you are going to buy services on credit:
  • from CLINICUS VILNIUS services, where you wish to have plastic surgery services provided in Vilnius
    from CLINICUS KLAIPĖDA services, where you wish to have plastic surgery services provided in Klaipėda (you can also conclude a contract at CLINICUS, Liepų street 53A, Klaipėda, having arranged the time of your visit in advance)

* The following are accepted as a personal identity document:

  • The passport or identity card of the Republic of Lithuania
  • A late-type driver’s license
  • A permit to reside permanently in Lithuania

Conclude the contract with Mokilizingas and get breast enhancement and plastic surgeries, as well as other aesthetic medicine services provided to you on credit.