Ear nose throat doctor

The otorhinolaryngologist is advising and treating children and adults with ear, nose, pharyngeal and throat diseases. Diagnosis and treatment of snoring, obstructive sleep apnea disorder.
Doctor otorhinolaryngologist consultation30 €
Recurrent otorhinolaryngologist consultation for the same disease20 €
Endoscopy of the upper respiratory tract with a soft endoscope35 €
Pruritus biopsy from LOR organs using local anesthetics40 €
Microbiological crop25 €
Pancreatic duct puncture30 €
Removal of foreign body from LOR organs30 €
Prevention of nasal haemorrhage with the front swab40 €
Nasal hemorrhage at the back tamponada75 €
Bleeding from LOR organs45 €
The opening of the parathornal abscess50 €
Excessive nasal discharge, pharynx50 €
Initial contraction of LOI organs wounds60 €
Initial treatment and stitching of LOI organs100 €