Plastic Surgery in Lithuania – You Will Be Surprised!

When you have a vision of how you desire your body to be shaped, you wish your plastic surgery and experience to be perfect. 

Meaning you need reliable and experienced surgeons, a modern clinic, welcoming customer service, a cosy ward, delicious food and thorough individual attention.

If you are looking for the best price-to-quality ratio for your plastic surgery, you should definitely consider Lithuania. 

In this article, you will find all information about plastic surgeries in Lithuania – from standards to surgeons, prices, possible surgeries, flight information, the processes and recommendations for a clinic. 

1. Less expensive than in other European countries

Plastic surgery in Lithuania will save you around 20-50% of the surgery cost compared to most countries in Europe and the UK.

Depending on the desired procedure scale, savings can account for 500 – 3000 or more euros.

You can still expect splendid operation outcomes and the highest quality customer service despite lower prices.

2. Highest quality European standards

Lithuania boasts one of the highest beauty standards in the world, and thus world-class cosmetic surgery is no exception.

The clinics in Lithuania are modern and deluxe, while doctors use the latest and most reliable treatment methods with state-of-the-art operating equipment.

Lithuania’s medical equipment and quality are strictly regulated by European standards, while Turkey cannot offer the same quality guarantee.

 3. Shorter waiting times

The waiting time in Lithuania for plastic surgery is usually shorter than in more populated European countries.

Suppose you do not wish to wait half a year or more to receive plastic surgery in your country. In that case, you should consider Lithuania as a superior alternative.

You can book a consultation with one of the plastic surgeons in Klaipeda (beach city) or Vilnius (capital city) to find the waiting time for your desired procedure.

4. Lithuanian Surgeons are among the best in the world

Lithuanian surgeons are experienced specialists with long years of experience performing plastic operations daily.

They constantly participate in conferences and training to keep the standards up-to-date with the newest trends and practices.

Professional specialists in reconstructive and cosmetic surgeries are also members of societies in Lithuania and abroad.

It is a common practice among surgeons to enhance their skills in many countries worldwide yearly.

5. Staff can speak multiple languages at clinics

You do not need to worry about the language barrier because all staff at clinics usually speaks English and Russian fluently.

From plastic surgeons to dermatologists, beauty therapists, ENT physicians, orthopaedic traumatologists, and masseuses – all staff should be able to talk to you freely about the details of your procedure and recovery.

 6. Lithuania is a hidden gem in Europe with beaches and lively culture to experience

Lithuania is a spectacular country with beautiful sandy beaches and relatively warm temperatures of around 20 degrees Celcius in summer in Klaipeda city.

Suppose you wish to do some fun activities. In that case, you can consider booking a tour (which we can organise), exploring the Curonian Spit (Unesco heritage) or a cosy old town with local cafes and bars.

If you desire more relaxing time, you can rest by walking by the sea, have massages, and rise to a 21st-floor rooftop for a fantastic sunset.

One thing is for sure – you will find activities you’ll enjoy in beautiful Klaipeda city.

While the capital city Vilnius is surrounded by castles, sparkling light green lakes, lush parks and mesmerising cultural architecture.

Vilnius was the European capital of culture. Wintertime in Vilnius is something magical and totally worth experiencing.

As well as in summer, the energy in the capital is filled with action and arts.

So, why not combine the surgery with a vacation?

7. Travel package – surgery and accommodation

Exclusively for Clinicus Klaipeda clinic clients, we offer a combined service package for your convenience.

This is an appealing option with an arranged pick-up and drop-off from the airport, modern & cosy accommodation in the city centre (less than 1 min walk to the clinic), all required blood tests and plastic surgery.

If you wish to have organisational matters sorted out for you, we are happy to ease your journey.

What plastic surgeries are possible in Lithuania?

Aesthetic surgeries

Are you thinking of having an operation to alter your body appearance for cosmetic rather than medical reasons? Here is a list of the major aesthetic plastic surgeries you can have in Lithuania:

  • Breast surgery – breast augmentation, breast lift, nipple correction or surgical treatment of gynecomastia (for men), and more.
  • Facial surgeries – eyelid surgeries, lips lift/ correction, facelift, neck correction, ear and torn ear correction, cheek (Bichat/buccal) fat removal, and more.
  • Nose surgery (rhinoplasty) – full nose correction, nasal septum correction, and more.
  • Body contour corrections – Mommy Makeover, liposuction: belly + waist + thighs + knees + back, Buttocks enhancement, and more.
  • Abdominal surgeries – muscle separation surgery/ diastasis correction, Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve (Treatment of Obesity), and more;
  • Weight loss program Allurion.


plastic surgery Lithuania

Please see the extensive list of procedures:>>>

Reconstructive surgeries

Suppose you wish to have reconstructive surgery, which fixes the defects you were born with, caused by birth, disease or injury.

In that case, you can find a clinic that performs excellent quality reconstructive surgeries in Lithuania.

The most common reconstructive surgeries:


Before and after pictures of plastic surgeries:>>>

Prices –>>>

How can I get discounts?

You can get the best price by combining several procedures at one visit.

Thus, if you’re considering making any other procedures in the future, it is sensible to have both simultaneously.

The most popular combined surgeries are “Mommy Makeover” and body contouring with a breast lift.

What is the process of having plastic surgery?

  1. Decide with confidence

Should you consider having plastic surgery, you must be mentally prepared.

The surgery results will bring the most confidence in yourself if a patient is honest and wishes for a physical change purely for one’s own liking and not due to external pressure.

  1. Book a consultation with the plastic surgeon (live or online)

Once you have a vision in mind, contact one of our plastic surgeons in Klaipeda or Vilnius.

We can either arrange a live meeting if you are in Lithuania or an online consultation.

We will discuss your current medical situation, the desirable results, the scope of the operation, the course, and the post-operative period.

At Clinicus, it is possible to make 3D visualisation to see your future self.

  1. Health check and booking the date

Through e-mails, we will continue to collect information about your state of health with a questionnaire.

Sometimes additional photos or documents may be required.

Once the patient decides on the scope of the operation, the date and other organisational matters are arranged.

You can contact your curator anytime regarding the questions that have arisen.

  1. The day of plastic surgery

Upon the plastic surgery date, we will ask you to fill in consent forms and make the payment.

Then you can get comfortable in your ward and prepare for the change.

Later follows a consultation about anaesthesia and surgery. You will discuss with a surgeon what is going to be performed by drawing the lines at where the incisions should be made.

  1. Recovery night at the Clinic

After the operation, you shall stay in the clinic for 1-2 days. It depends on the scope of the surgery.

The nurses are present 24/7, and a doctor is available (once called) if anything unexpected happens.

We will also cater the diet according to your wishes and needs.

  1. Appointments for further visits

Before you move home to rest, we will arrange all the necessary meetings to change bandages and stitches.

Also, we’ll organise massages and additional visits to the doctor.

We will explain in detail the post-operative regime and medicine to be taken at home. The curator will contact you to ensure you’re healing fine.

How to get to Lithuania by flight for plastic surgery?

For plastic surgery in Klaipeda city, you must fly to Palanga Airport, just a 30-minute drive to Klaipėda city centre.

Flights to Palanga Airport operate from:

Denmark – Copenhagen

United Kingdom – London (STN, LTN)

Ireland – Dublin

Norway – Oslo

Flights to Vilnius Airport operate from:












United Kingdom




The Netherlands







How long shall you plan to stay in Lithuania?

It would be best if you spend around 7-10 days in Lithuania without counting the days for flights.

The length of your stay will vary depending on the complexity and size of plastic surgeries.

The doctor will specify the exact number of days for your recovery during the initial consultation. So you can plan your trip/ holidays accordingly.

Clinicus Package: plastic surgery, airport transport and modern accommodation

What is included?

Would you like to have significant organisational matters lifted off your shoulders?

We can easily arrange an airport pick-up/drop-off, blood tests, and accommodation for you. In that case, you needn’t worry about your trip too much.

The only thing you need to do is to pack your bags and book your flights while we do the rest.

 See the modern accommodation in Klaipėda: >> APARTMENTS

Recommendations for Clinicus

  1. “Amazing staff!!! I do not live in Lithuania, but I contacted the clinic and quickly received answers to all my questions.

I recommend it to everyone, not only due to the excellent work of doctor R. Bagdonas but also all other aspects of the clinic. I am very happy with my choice. Best of luck to all in the future.”

2. “I am very grateful to the entire Clinicus team, and especially Dr. D. Daunoravičius for the excellent work and results that exceeded all my expectations.

I am happy with my choice and recommend it to everyone! Thank you!”

3. “Huge thanks to Rokas Bagdonas and the staff involved in the surgery for making my dream come true 😍. I always recommend this amazing surgeon to my friends.

It is an excellent clinic with very good care and cool staff not only at the reception but also in the postoperative department (I personally thank Sabina for all the help and care, I have never expected such sincere medical staff).”

4. “I highly recommend this clinic to everyone. The biggest THANK YOU to doctor Dainius Daunoravičius.

Even though the healing period is not over yet, with only two weeks having passed since the operation, the result is already making me very happy, both the stomach and the chest – everything is perfect!!!!

I am very happy that I chose YOU!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!👌👏👏🤩

5. “The biggest, most sincere THANK YOU to dr. Rokas Bagdonas for perfectly executed plastic surgery. And THANK YOU for the postoperative consultations as well.

I highly recommend Rokas Bagdonas. He is professional, thorough and reliable. What is most important for me – he is an easy-going and sincere specialist in his field.

6. “Dr. D. Daunoravicius is a wonderful specialist in his field. Competent and communicative. Most importantly – the result is perfect.

A year after the operation, I did not regret choosing this doctor and following his advice. Thank you.”

7. “I had a nose plastic surgery and am 100% satisfied with the result!

I also always use other dr. R. Bagdonas and dr. A. Bagdone procedures. The quality of services provided will not disappoint even the most demanding customer.

8. “I can give only the most positive reviews about the employees and surgeon D. Daunoravičius.

I recommend it to everyone who wants to enhance their beauty through plastic surgery. If I ever need the services of a surgeon again, I will definitely return to Clinicus to D. Daunoravičius.

Plastic surgeons at Clinicus


Dr. Rokas Bagdonas

A plastic and reconstructive surgery specialist, he has been working in this field since 2004.

The surgeon broadened his knowledge and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery through traineeships in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom, the USA and many more countries.

Dr R. Bagdonas is a member of the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the Lithuanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the founder of the Lithuanian Wound Management Association, a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), and many more organisations to learn and make a change in the plastic surgery field.

“I see my work as a calling, a way of life and not only as a business. I continuously develop and think of ways to help everyone achieve their vision. I dedicate a part of myself unconditionally to the patients.”


Dr. Dainius Daunoravičius

Dr. Dainius Daunoravičius has been working with plastic and reconstructive surgery since 2007.

The surgeon enhanced his knowledge and experience in plastic and reconstructive surgery through traineeships in Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, the United Kingdom and many more countries.

He is a member of the Lithuanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ISAPS) and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS).

“Plastic surgery is my work and leisure, as well as a great field for continued improvement.

The results are clearly seen during post-operative visits when the patients arrive with shining faces, happy and self-confident.

It is a great pleasure to see such harmony resulting from changes both on the inside and outside, as this is the highest acclaim of our work.”

We are a family business

Clinicus is a family business where every patient is greeted with open hands and warmly welcomed.

Most patients feel at home in the clinic. Each patient receives a great deal of individual attention, so they feel fully cared for.

Extraordinary customer service

You will receive warm and sincere communication, which is rare among healthcare organisations.

The best and most professional medical staff is gathered to care for your health 24/7.

Superb price-to-quality ratio

We strive to offer our customers excellent quality plastic surgery, customer service, individual care and extra services – all for an attractive and affordable price.

So that everyone could achieve the changes they desire.

Best practices with the latest medical equipment

You can entrust your vision to doctors of the highest competence.

The operation will be performed using the latest medical equipment and the best surgical techniques.

Profound support for the post-operative period

Surgeons with nurses take great initiative and effort to care after the surgery.

We attentively check on your healing and feelings. In some cases, we can recommend massages on-site to enhance recovery.

The highest EU standards

The clinic adheres to the same health and safety standards determined by European Union as in other EU countries.

You should trust our medical staff to be professional and our equipment up to the latest technology.

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