As it was agreed between CLINICUS and Norwegian Health Economics Administration (HELFO), as a result of its approved financing, Norwegian residents can exploit the benefits of different medical services, provided at CLINICUS healthcare facilities in Vilnius and Klaipeda, Lithuania:

  • All treatments here confirm to the fundamental global and strict European Union standards, directives and regulations;
  • Services are provided by some of the leading and accomplished national plastic and reconstructive surgery, as well as aesthetic medicine professionals;
  • CLINICUS boasts its state-of-art technology and innovative medical services, as well as safe and friendly environment;
  • Patients are provided with an integrated medical treatment plan, that addresses their needs, medical condition and interests;
  • Quick, smooth, transparent and seamless end-to-end process management with unmatched personal care.


Both, Norwegians and Lithuanians residing and working in Norway, entitled to complimentary healthcare services in Norway, can use HELFO financing in order to get desired medical services at CLINICUS facilities in Vilnius and Klaipeda free of charge. CLINICUS personnel is ready to assist while preparing necessary documentation in order to get HELFO reimbursement.


CLINICUS – Sound Choice for Patients, Seeking Reliable and Professional Healthcare Services in Lithuania

Every patient is unique for CLINICUS team of qualified professionals. Patient-centric approach and direct communication enable patients to feel less stressed, thus encourage them to concentrate on their own health improvement.

CLINICUS specialists in plastic and reconstructive surgery are accomplished and highly experienced professionals, continuously practicing in foreign clinics, delivering scientific work and reports at international conferences and world congresses. They are also the members of the ISAPS, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the Lithuanian Society for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. CLINICUS team of aesthetic and medical care professionals comprises not only plastic surgeons, but also a dermatovenereologist, an otolaryngologist / ENT Physician, an orthopedics and traumatology specialist, a beauty therapist, a medical pedicure specialist. CLINICUS professionals are convinced that a comprehensive approach to a patient’s problems – from evaluation of the skin condition to selection of the most suitable treatment method or the aesthetic or reconstructive plastic solution – enables to achieve the changes every single patient expects.

For those, seeking to exploit HELFO financing while benefiting medical services in Lithuania, we can not only offer highly skilled medical specialists and wide range of possible medical treatments, but also quickly and smoothly organize an individual treatment plan, evading long waitlists, which are frequent and common in other clinics. More, we assure our foreign patients do not feel any discomfort due to possible language barrier, as our specialists speak English and Russian languages, while, if necessary, a Norwegian interpreter can be arranged too.


The Norwegian HELFO reimbursement

Norwegians can apply for HELFO reimbursement of their expenses on healthcare (i.e., consultation, diagnostics, medical treatment / surgery) from the specialist health service in other countries within the EU/EEA if the treatment is equivalent to the healthcare they would have received in Norway. In other words, a Norwegian patient will not be eligible for any reimbursement of expenses on other or more treatments in Lithuania than the Norwegian specialist health service offers him / her. More, a patient will not be reimbursed for more than he / she would have received if the treatment had been performed in Norway. Travel expenses are covered only to a limited extent. A patient will not be reimbursed for more than if he / she had travelled to his / her nearest healthcare provider in Norway.

The main conditions and steps to be followed in order to get HELFO reimbursement:

  • Norwegian residents, who intend to travel abroad to receive healthcare services, must first obtain a referral from a healthcare professional in Norway, where a necessary medical treatment (or few of them) would be clearly stated. If such referral would be prepared in Norwegian, it would be equally suitable.
  • Patient has to have a valid HELFO number;
  • As treatment within a specialist health service abroad may prove costly, in order to reduce financial risk, patients have an option of applying to HELFO for pre-authorization. The following documentation must always be enclosed within an application for pre-authorization:
  1. Letter from the specialist health service (general practitioner (GP)) that a patient is entitled to the necessary healthcare in Norway.
  2. Confirmation that a patient has a formal offer of treatment abroad – a patient must document what treatment he / she is planning to receive and the estimated cost.
  3. Copy of the foreign treatment provider’s license to practice and specialist authorization in the country of treatment (it is necessary only for treatment outside of a hospital).
  4. If a patient has been seen or treated within the specialist health service in Norway for his / her medical condition: a copy of the specialist’s opinion. All documentation must be in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English. A patient should therefore try to get the documentation issued in one of these languages. If the original documents are in another language, HELFO may ask a patient to have them translated by a state-authorized translator. A patient must pay for the translation himself / herself. If a patient encloses a translation, he / she must also enclose the original. The Norwegian Labor and Welfare Administration (NAV) provides a written response within 4 weeks.
  • Once a patient has a confirmation for reimbursement of the required treatment from NAV, he / she can approach a foreign clinic of interest in order to receive medical services. A patient has to have a referral from his / her healthcare provider in Norway. It may be helpful for a patient to bring a copy of his / her summary of medical care records, information about any medication he / she is taking, and any relevant test results. For the treatment, received at healthcare provider abroad, a patient has to pay out of his / her pocket.
  • Once the treatment is completed, a patient receives:
    1. A summary care record / discharge summary in English;
    2. An original itemized invoice showing the cost per treatment;
    3. An original receipt or other documentation as proof of payment (e. g, a bank statement).
  • Once a patient is back in Norway, he / she has to provide necessary documentation in order to apply for HELFO reimbursement of the expenses on medical treatment, provided in foreign country. The application form and documentation must be sent to HELFO within 6 months of each individual treatment date. The normal processing time for a prior authorization is up to 4 weeks, while treatment expenses reimbursement claim is processed in the period up to 12 weeks.


It is important to note, that HELFO doesn’t provide expenses reimbursement for:

  • Translation services;
  • Treatments, that are not standardly available in Norway or else wouldn’t be provided free of charge in Norwegian medical institutions.




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